Water based dispersants

Developed for dispersion in the water-based line, all dispersants have excellent wetting properties, facilitating the dispersion and grinding process.

Function: De-agglomerate pigments and fillers, favoring the dispersion and grinding of particles.

Main products

Disacoat DS E
Developed for grinding and dispersing titanium, fillers and other inorganic pigments.

Disacoat DS 7000
Developed for grinding and dispersing pigments in general.

Disacoat DS 1515
Developed for grinding and dispersing organic pigments and carbon black.

Disacoat DS 1150
Dispersant compatible with various systems. It helps to reduce the viscosity of concentrates.

Disacoat DS 1630
Dispersant developed for industrial paints, refinishing and high compatibility concentrate.

Disacoat DS 1670
Dispersant with the same properties as Disacoat DS 1630, but free of aromatics.

Disacoat DS 250
Heptane-carboxylic derivative. Especially suitable for pigment dispersion. Favors pigment wetting by the resin.


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