Cleaning and felt & Fabrics Passivation

Disawet 500 CR

DISAWET 500 CR is an excellent product, based on a polymeric surfactant. Its formulation allows a cleaning and protective action, leaving a non-stick surface. DISAWET 500 CR acts directly on colloidal particles, inhibiting the action of adhering particles on fabrics and felts, thus forming a layer around the insoluble organic waxes, preventing their agglomeration. With this action DISAWET 500 CR reduces the presence of stickies in the machine. This product has features designed to remove stickies and inks and simultaneously provide felt passivation and stickies detackification

Disawet 183 MIE

DISAWET 183 MIE is an alkaline liquid formulated to remove pitch, fine, aluminum, stickies and other contaminants commonly found in fabrics, wet felts, filters, power lines, pumps and other equipment related to the production of pulp and paper. It is recommended for application at sites where dissolved solids in the process water are subject to flaking when the water is heated in the presence of an alkali. O DISAWET 183 MIE has chelating agents to prevent flaking. It is ideal for use in boil-out replacing soda by 50% due to its low odor, better rinsing and excellent cleaning properties. O DISAWET 183 MIE is formulated to be used in batch during periods of machine breakdown or while they are running.

Disawet AC 80

DISAWET AC 80 is an excellent product, based on a special polymeric surfactant with dispersing and non-stick characteristics, indicated to remove calcium salts from equipment present in various processes. It reduces the agglomeration of contaminants, changing their surface and density characteristics.


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