Repulping materials with high wet strength resistance

With the increasing use of additives such as RU (Wet Resistance), adhesives and resins in paper, the recycled fibers are increasingly "hard" and difficult to break down. Disamtex has a product that can help you... see the full text!

In recycled paper disaggregation systems, the deficiency in the removal of tailings, resins and contaminants often interferes with the parameters of consistency, batching time and quality of defibration.

Aiming to improve the disaggregation and facilitate the preparation of the pulp – or even help with the contaminants removal – Disamtex has achieved excellent results in applications for several customers in the south and southeast regions of Brazil.

In processes that require rapid wetting, the use of products based on efficient surfactants, allows the fiber to absorb water in a short period of time, breaking molecules and improving disaggregation.


  • Increased use of recyclable materials or refills in the recipe;
  • Increased productivity in dough preparation;
  • Reduction of up to 15% of disaggregation time;
  • Reduction in the use of chemicals.

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