ITW Paper Reduces repulping Time by 30%

See another Disamtex success story with this excellent partner: ITW Propaper.

ITW POLYMERS AND FLUIDS is an American multinational Company with over 100 years of existence and that operates in multiples industry segments. In the special paper’s division, it has a facility in Tremembé/SP, under the PROPAPER PAPÉIS mark.

Working in partnership with DISAMTEX, ITW was able to improve its paper production process, gaining in reducing time and energy consumption. See the details in the ITW report:


“Our intention was to reduce the fiber disaggregation time in the hydrapulper. At the time, we used 50% sodium hydroxide to speed up this process, which ends up causing a problem in the paper machine due to excessive pH increase; therefore, we decided to develop a dispersant capable of balancing the pH and reducing the disintegration time”.


“We carried out several tests involving several dispersants, and found in DISAWET DA, with application in conjunction with sodium hydroxide, a dosage that reduced the repulping time by 25 minutes per batch, keeping the pH levels within the specification”.


“As result of this work made it possible – in addition to the reduction of electricity consumption, to start studies for the usage of a larger fraction of recycle fiber generated internally in the process, maintaining the legitimacy of the FSC seal”.


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