Improving the efficiency in removing contaminants from felts & Fabrics

The high use of recycle fibers in the tissue market has increased the incidence of dirt and contaminants in felts & fabrics, generating many problems in paper production and conversion. Furthermore, the use of finishing chemicals can also generate impurities, increasing significantly the problem.

On the other hand, several systems have been shown to be inefficient or high cost, due to the use of expensive equipment or the increased use of internal resources. This also makes many still not see value or return in the treatment of Felts & Fabrics.

Disamtex works with a machine cleanness concept since the beginning of the process (Pulper), acting on the main cause of impurities (learn more).

The DISAMTEX Felts & Fabrics cleaning program, allows the customer to increase the useful life, reducing downtime for changes, time for production interruptions for cleaning, reducing breaks, and the use of solvents, increasing paper quality by reducing contaminants and cost savings with chemicals and other resources.

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