High productivity and tailor-made glues

The need for high productivity in conversion processes is not something new and nowadays we are always searching for new developments to do better with less resources.

When applying glues to Tissue, there are several needs, depending on the stage of the process: strong and fast tack, easy release and low consumption for all types of paper. Faced with so many variations in possibilities and needs, the difficulty in finding the optimal point combines equipment and inputs.

In the adhesive segment, Disamtex has, year after year, established its position in the Tissue market, supplying glues with adjustable tack and viscosity (high or low) and quick release, according to the customer’s needs.

Glues with high adhesiveness in wet or dry, with ease of application in different types of systems, for high-speed machines and with concentrations ranging up to 1:8 in tail glues, 1:5 in lamination gluess and 1: 3 on the transfer glues.

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