Disaggregation of materials with high resin content

That sustainability is on the rise in recent years, we all know; what was not clear was the impact the Covid-19 pandemic would have on this area of ​​management. Contrary to popular belief, Covid-19 encouraged even more the focus on sustainable actions. Companies are creating bold plans and goals for the coming years. A self-awareness is being created that we need to do more than just “not pollute”: we need to reverse the negative impacts caused so far.


Following this trend, Disamtex always seeks to launch products that help companies achieve their sustainability goals, being a strong partner for those that use recycled paper as raw material. As is well known, however, there are several types of chips (or residues from the process itself) that are difficult to disaggregate, bringing an enormous challenge to productivity and operational stability.


Faced with this challenge, Disamtex launched the product Disawet Des/Ox 600, focused on the disaggregation of recycle fiber with coating of water / oil / steam barrier resins, paints, varnishes or other films, which make it difficult to moisten the paper and its consequent breakdown.


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