ADAMI reduces 87.5% of paper breaks caused by stickies

Check out in this post how Adami drastically reduced the incidence of stickies in its process and the consequent number of specks on paper.

ADAMI, a producer of packaging grades, is recognized as a company that invests in its production process, with state-of-the-art equipment and a highly qualified technical team. It uses 100% recycled material and still produces a unique quality paper – something that just few companies have been able to do with such success!


One of the challenges Adami had along the way, was the breaks caused by stickies from the recycle fiber. These breaks were mainly caused by the stickies deposits in the blades.


By using DISAMTEX’s PY/NE product, Adami achieved an 87.5% break reduction caused by stickies in the blades and in addition, an extra gain with a reduction of spots on paper by 85%! Adami also points out that the joint technical work carried out with Disamtex kept the machine felts & fabrics with less impregnation, enabling a less aggressive treatment in cleaning them, being highlighted in 2019.

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